• Some by mi Aha Bha Pha 30 days miracle serum

    • 30 Days Miracle Serum contains tea tree water extract with a (10,000 ppm) which¬†improves in sebum control and pore care.
    • This Product contains 14.5 % Asiatic pennywort extract, which soothes, strengthens the skin barrier, and treats sensitive spots.
    • 2-layer serum balances skin’s moisture and oil and¬†keeps it hydrated for a long period.
    • Miracle Serum contains ph5.5 sub-acidity which keeps skin healthy and prevents skin irritation.
    • Free of 20 different kinds of artificial additives. Multi-X Bsasm Plus is a patent substance that has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin (Skin protecting ingredient)

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