• WOW Anti Acne Face Serum


    Skin Restoring Serum For Acne-Prone Dull Skin

    Help your skin fight acne flare-up and be radiant with WOW Skin Science Anti Acne Face Serum. This high-active, concentrated serum delivers the benefits of Neem Leaf Oil an antioxidant that purifies and protects skin; Tea Tree Oil that balances sebum; Caviar Lime Fruit Extract an AHA that exfoliates and brightens skin; Dextran (and) Tripeptide-1. The serum helps to reduce acne breakout and fade scars and spots.

    • Formulated to help clear and purify acne-prone skin.
    • It supports the skin’s collagen and elastin structure and improves skin texture.
    • The serum delivers natural actives into the skin and helps to enhance appearance.
    • Neutralizes skin damage that helps to avoid patchy skin tone and acne scars.
    • Evens out complexion and minimizes acne-related pigmentation.
    • Helps to give skin a smooth supple texture.

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